Fight for Equal Rights For All! Most LGBTIQ+ people in the EU still do not have access to the same rights and freedoms as others. Together we can ensure that discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people is a thing of the past! We want to fight for pure equality and an all-inclusive society. Love is a right to be enjoyed by all.

What would we do first?

Eliminate discrimination in the workplace

What is going on?

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” Volt is based on the principles of equality for all, equal opportunities, and the respect of human rights. LGBTIQ+ people are subject to discriminatory practices, violence, harassment and so much more in every realm of their lives. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer individuals each face different challenges and have different needs; there is no one-size fits all policy.

What is our vision?

In short, love is love! Volt aims to introduce regulations and concrete actions to achieve equality in law and in practice for all. By this, we don’t mean an abstract concept of equality, but pure equality: we will settle for nothing else. We want to ensure that LGBTIQ+ people have access to the same rights and protections, but not only. It is also key to eliminate all forms of discrimination, whether in the private or public sphere, through education, incentivize in the workplace etc.

How do we get there?

1. Legalize marriage for all. Unfortunately, in many countries of the EU, some people cannot yet get married because of the gender of the person they love. The fact that other types of partnerships exist and are available does not mean that this is acceptable in any way. This is why, Volt will work to legalize marriage for all in every member state of the EU in which it is not already the case, in order for heterosexual and homosexual couples to have access to the exact same rights, procedures, and union in front of the state.

2. Legalize adoption for same-sex couples: so many children need families, and so many families - or individuals - want children. The only criteria that should matter is whether one can and will provide a safe and loving environment to a child. This is also what equality means, that all should have the same rights, including the rights to adopt a child. No, homosexual parents are not less able to raise a child than heterosexual ones. No, a child does not need both a maternal and a paternal figure, otherwise how could we explain that so many children raised by a single mother or father, and by homosexual parents is like everybody else? Otherwise, how could we justify letting single parents raise children alone? For these reasons, Volt will:  

- Give the opportunity to adopt a child to every adult - regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status - based on the same criteria as those imposed for adoption on heterosexual couples according to local law, and

- Ensure that the procedure will be the same than for heterosexual couples: homosexual couples or single parents should not have to jump through any additional hoops to be able to adopt. No discrimination should take place on the basis of the parent’s gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status.

3. Sexual education - let’s cover it all: Education is key to eliminating inequalities and unfair treatments, and to foster a culture of mutual understanding and acceptance. It is important to make sure that in a safe learning environment they have access to the information and resources that concern them, their classmates and the rest of the world. This is why Volt will ensure that: during sexual education classes not only heterosexuality should be discussed, but also all other types of sexual orientations and gender identities (for example, what it means being cisgender, transgender, intersex).

4. Make gender affirming procedures, such as hormone treatment, surgery and psychological support, accessible for transgender persons, and ensure that they are reimbursed by public health insurance schemes.

5. Eliminate discrimination in the workplace. In order to do so Volt proposes to:

Sanction companies that do not extend each individual the same benefits, salaries, opportunities for hiring, training or promotion regardless of one’s sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics, and include reference to non-discrimination on these grounds in vacancy announcement.

- Require all mid to big-size companies to have confidential channels and hotlines, separate from general employee relations, to report inappropriate and discriminatory behaviour, violence and/or sexual harassment. The reporting channel should be managed by an external company or by a separate human resources team.

- Incentivize companies to train staff - especially managers - to raise awareness of issues faced by their LGBTIQ+ colleagues.

- The government should provide incentives to companies to ensure that they address the specific rights of transgender and intersex people at work:

i. Companies should adopt policies for trans inclusion, including the recognition of the gender identity of trans staff, customers, and other stakeholders, regardless of whether this is reflected in official documents (which includes establishing policies that require company staff to respect the name, pronouns, terms and gender used by the person concerned).

ii. Companies should ensure access to safe and non-discriminatory access to bathrooms and other single-sex facilities, and non discriminatory dress codes.

iii. Companies also need to adopt policies to respect the rights of intersex people at work, including access to personal services and changing rooms, dress codes, healthcare and medical attention.


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